Speed Limiters

Our Purple Global Digital Brands of Speed Limiters provide remote asset management in Nigeria. These products are uniquely designed to address all the tracking concerns of our clients’ transportation and other assets.

They come as stand-alone units, with built-in configuration and management systems. There is no need for computers or other equipment to administer the Purple Digital Brand of speed limiters.

Each digital Speed Limiter package comprises of:

  • A digital Speed Limiter
  • A smart card to record and store vehicle drive data, which can be downloaded via a USB port to a personal computer
  • A digital printer

USB Master Port and Printer

The digital speed limiters has a USB master port which is used to:

  • Set up the unit, including vehicle details, unique driver settings, and the type of device on the vehicle to be controlled.
  • Automatically download general reports.
  • Download driving and vehicle data, including vehicle registration, governor ID, vehicle owner name, driver name, driving speed, duration on road, date, etc.

The vehicle details listed above may be printed by simply pressing on the “Print” button.

For longer term reports containing more data, a flash drive may be inserted into the USB port for automatic data download. The data can then be viewed on a computer in Excel or Word format.

Data Logger

The data-logger unit records data from the speed-limiting device. This data includes:

  • All necessary vehicle identification
  • Vehicle owner details
  • Driver details
  • Date and time specifications
  • Digital Speed limiters ID
  • Recorded speed of the vehicle for a period of 3 days
  • Speeding and power-interrupt information

The data logger instantly logs on any situation where the vehicle reaches its pre-determined speed limit, when its battery has been disconnected or when the power to the speed limiter/data logger has been tampered with.

This data is accessible via the USB interface to any USB-enabled device, and does not include the instantly-recorded speed data that is available via the digital printer.

Device Security

The Speed Limiters have fail safe mechanisms that prevent tampering. Any attempts to tamper with these devices is recorded in realtime and results in the vehicle shutting down, stopping further use.

Speed Warnings

Our units are equipped with an audible buzzer that warns the driver to slow down once the vehicle is within 2% of the programmed speed limit. They also have LED indicators on the front panel that visibly display a speed warning.

Electrical Specifications

  • Supply voltage: +8 V to 35 V
  • Average supply current: <3mA
  • Operating temperature” -40 Celsius to +85 Celsius
  • Vehicle data: 1KB
  • Event capacity: 360 Hours

Our Devices and Engineers are Officially Certified by the FRSC.


  1. The Speed Limiters are offered separately apart from our car tracking devices, in response to the Ministry of Transportation’s and FRSC directive to avoid confusion between GPS speed limiters and our unique digital Speed Limiter model.
  2. Mechanical Vehicles that dont come with Censors will be required to include Censors in their package, which will also be installed by us to detect the Speed Limiter device.

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