How NO NAP Works

NO NAP responds to the state of the driver well and increases safety
of both the driver and the vehicle. Majority of all accidents occur
due to driver error and driver fatigue, which is the major issue.

NO NAP is worn on the left ear. If the drivers head goes down, either
due to tiredness, sleep or distraction, the system detects it and
provides a warning “BEEP” to alert the driver and bring him to his
presence of mind. This eliminates the possibility of driving while
fatigued as it will keep on beeping until the drivers head is returned
to the appropriate position.  When fatigue is acknowledged, it is
recommended to clear very well off the road, and take a short power
nap before carrying on the journey.

More than a million people world wide die in accidents each year and
an equal number are critically injured as a result of fatigued drivers
dozing off at the wheel.